CAD Assessments

CAD Assessments

AVA offers modular assessments of operator ability with the AVA software. As well as being used as part of the CAD Specialist Training Courses, such assessments, which typically take only an hour or two to carry out and may be carried out remotely, can be extremely useful to employers in identifying more precisely the training needs of their workforces. There is little point investing in the best software in the industry if your operators only know how to use half of the features. AVA CAD Assessments allow follow-up training to be very precisely focused on areas of the software with which the trainee is less familiar but which are extremely relevant to the work which that particular trainee wishes to undertake. The AVA software changes significantly every year – both as a result of customer-inspired development of new features and as a consequence of new third-party technologies incorporated into the software. A small annual investment in employee refresher training will pay dividends in both productivity gains and employee motivation – ensuring that you get the most out of your investment.

Key Features

  • A short assessment facilitates carefully targeted follow-up training (face to face or e-training)
  • Ensures that users are able to take full advantage of new technologies and features added to the software since they were originally trained.
  • Guaranteed to increase user productivity.
  • Highly motivational. The focus is not on demonstrating how much the user doesn’t know but on identifying opportunities for ‘quick win’ improvements in productivity which are directly relevant to the day-to-day work carried out by that user.

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