If you would like to organise some training with us, you can email training@avacadcam.com with a brief description of what you would like to learn from us, and we’ll get back to you. Alternatively, if you would like to discuss training options feel free to call us on +44 (0) 16250800 and a member of the team will be happy to help.

AVA offers a modular software solution that allows customers to choose the modules to suit their individual requirements. It is used by many different types of people across a range of industries, from CAD novices to production engineers. Consequently, we customise the training to respond to the needs of the customer and their specific workflows. Our patient and experienced trainers will design a personalised plan for each user and work through it at the pace of those learning.

There are several options to choose from, including One to One training, Group training (both can be carried out either at your location or at AVA’s dedicated training suite) or e-training sessions delivered remotely. Since Life-Long Learning is one of AVA’s core values, we also offer free online training sessions to ensure that perpetual AVA users embrace and benefit from the regular new features released throughout the year.  

The AVA software is modular, you only purchase what you need. Because our suite of products is wide-ranging & flexible, we’ll discuss your needs with you ahead of quoting for training.

We believe that the software is only as good as the person using it. The AVA software is a game-changer for any business, regardless of whether you are a freelance designer or a multimillion multinational. AVA Software can help your business grow. If the AVA Software is implemented, trained and adopted properly, it will dramatically change the way you design and produce. AVA training, as well as support and our measures to help you adopt not just the software, but also the updates through the year, is a top priority for us at AVA.

In addition to traditional, in-person training at customers’ premises or at AVA’s training suite in Macclesfield in the North West of England, AVA takes advantage of a wide range of readily available technology to deliver short, flexible online training sessions. With the introduction of these cheaper and more accessible ways to increase the skills and knowledge of individual designers, colourists, separation artists and print technicians, there is no reason for anyone to fall behind. The full list of options includes:

  • One to one in-person training on-site with customers or at AVA
  • Group face to face training (for up to four people) on-site with customers or at AVA
  • E-training sessions (via direct computer to computer link) tailored to individual requirements. ideal for those ’top-up’ sessions
  • AVA Renewals Training – allocated to all AVA CAD Development Plan holders and those renewing lease contracts. These cover a range of topics from new features to advanced separation techniques with a view to keeping your knowledge fresh.
  • Movies, tips and tricks and step-by-step workflow suggestions are available through AVA Assist (our online knowledge database accessible directly from the AVA software)
  • AVA CAD Specialist Training Courses – a week long online course providing a grounding in the main aspects of the AVA software.
  • Masterclasses
  • AVA TV live sessions
  • CAD Assessments 

Contact AVA for more details on how we can help you to devise a cost-effective program to ensure that you get the best out of both your technology investments and the people who use them. 

Our experience shows that with training, users of AVA are much more proficient with the software tools and CAD CAM workflow, completing projects more quickly and efficiently than ever before. Training can help make the difference to how quickly you get a return on your investment in AVA.

AVA CST stands for CAD Specialist training, which AVA has been delivering to students and customers for around 18 years. These courses are building blocks, and we provide certificates at the end of each course, which you can add to your CV.

One of our company core values is Life-Long Learning.

Life-Long Learning is the banner under which we group the training and development initiatives which we offer for the benefit both of our own staff and customers. There are multiple ways to keep your skills up to date; AVA Assist, AVA TV sessions and numerous others, for a full list of training products please follow this link.

The software is continuously evolving and developing. As technology evolves, there are always new things to learn, both for us and for you. This is why we recommend that after your initial training, you have some refresher training once a year. This will bring you up to speed with the new developments we’ve made in the two software releases sent out to you in those 12 months. Some Managers may wish to ensure that the software skills levels remain high and seek reassurance that their high-value investment is being fully utilised, therefore CAD Assessments are available on request. These optional assessments are designed to deliver two benefits: 1) to highlight pertinent areas of the software, perhaps forgotten by the users 2) to highlight fresh areas for learning

The AVA Development Plan (DP) is our support & maintenance contract for our customers. It provides you with unlimited technical support, regular software updates and continuous development to make AVA better and – perhaps most importantly – compatible with future OS versions and hardware. A DP also gives you access to AVA Assist, our fantastic digital learning and support tool where you can find a wide variety of articles, video tutorials, feature overviews, step-by-step instructions and much more.

If you lose your USB iKey don’t worry! iKey insurance is included as part of your Development Plan, so if you lose or damage it just get in touch with us and we’ll issue you with a replacement immediately. 

For customers using our internet-based key codes, this is just a simple line of text that we can resend to you if needed. 

We’re really proud of the after care service we provide and we think this is one of the main reasons why people choose AVA.

Once your initial training & installation has been completed you will have unlimited access to our fabulous tech support team who are available by phone, email, Skype and remote screen sharing between 06:00-24:00 GMT. If you’ve got a question or suggestion just get in touch and we’ll be ready to help.

We also include a number of E-training hours with your Development Plan, which is a great way of connecting with you periodically, showing you what’s new and improving your AVA skills through some customised training with one of our experienced trainers.

And don’t forget to visit AVA Assist regularly – in addition to the direct contact with our team you can also search and browse the digital learning & support resources – which we are continuously adding to – on Assist whenever you need.


Yes we will! Once you’ve been trained, you will undoubtedly forget how certain tools work and may at times face a creative wall. Not to worry, our team of experts are available at your disposal via freephone hot lines, email and screen sharing applications. User adoption and offering a helping hand through your learning curve, is an area of customer care which we love.


The fastest way to speak to a member of the team is to pick up the phone and call our Technical Support team. We have a 3 ring answering policy, so you’ll never be left waiting!

Although anyone in the AVA team will be happy to help you there are two main channels of support available:

  • Our Tech Support team, who are available between 06:00-24:00 (UK) by email, phone, Skype, WhatsApp, WeChat, Qq and remote screen sharing.
  • AVA Assist – our constantly growing digital learning & support tool, which you can access from your Help menu in AVA and where you’ll find a wide variety of articles, video tutorials, feature overviews, step-by-step instructions and much more.

We have a number of feature and working technique movies, plus we can share longer, more in-depth movies with you on request. However, the best way to see the AVA software working to your personal requirements is to request a personal demo (either online or in person.)

Please contact: sales@avacadcam.com


We are asked this question many times. There are lots of differences between these two applications and it would take many pages to explain. AVA is a specialist application, developed specifically for the decorative and textile printing industries. As such, AVA provides a multitude of industry standard tools and working methods, which enhances and accelerates the creative and printing processes. AVA is a true end to end solution, providing solutions from the inception stage through to manufacturing, whether that be the production of artwork, rolls of digitally printed fabric or LVT flooring. Typical quick gains are: faster working, reduced lead times, higher output of designs, reduced errors and reduced sampling.

However, AVA is actually designed to compliment Adobe PhotoShop. PhotoShop provides a number of wonderful creative tools, so it’s important that you have the facility to use both and get the best of both worlds. AVA supports PSD, PSB and ASE files and the file exchange between the two applications is as close to seamless as possible.

We offer a range of software modules to suit different working methods. Please study the overview of modules and feel free to ask for a recommendation from our team (sales@avacadcam.com). We match the products to your needs and we never sell you software that you don’t need.

We’ve always placed great importance on our software development. We ensure forward compatibility with the associated hardware, drivers and operating systems. We also strive to provide our customers with regular industry leading updates, which include new and innovative features, new tools and working methods.

The price of the package depends on which modules you need, how much training you need and whether you choose to buy or lease (subscribe) the software. For more details about purchasing and leasing, please click here.

Yes. Pantone licenses can be purchased from AVA Sales for Fashion / Home and Pantone Plus Collections. Contact sales@avacadcam.com for more details.

You will receive an email containing a link to download the latest version of AVA. Instructions on how to install will be included, or a friendly member of our team will take you through the setup. 

Once installed you will need to ‘activate’ your license with the AVA Keying Utility application and your software key. You will either receive a Physical USB iKey or a Cloud key. 

Cloud Keys are a virtual keying system allowing far greater flexibility of working location and machine. If that means working from the studio on a desktop workstation one day, and then from your sofa the next on a laptop, Cloud Keys will allow you to do so without any pre-planning or remembering to take your Physical Key home with you. 

Accessibility and Convenience: Cloud keys allow you to access your software from any suitable Mac with an internet connection. This flexibility enables remote work, collaboration, and hybrid working. 

Reduced Hardware Dependency: With cloud keys, you no longer rely on physical USB dongles that can be lost, damaged, or require constant switching between devices. 


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