Rugs & Carpets

Rugs & Carpets

Whether tufted, woven or printed, designers and manufacturers face the same common challenges as other decorative businesses. How to create beautiful designs with fine detail, exquisite intricacies, with elements of repeating / non-repeating patterns, at the correct scale, resolution and with matched colour, as time and cost efficiently as possible. AVA CAD/CAM offers a wide range of powerful design, colour and colour matching tools.  Based on our popular print and weave design platform, designers can work in both raster and vector formats, either as original pattern creation or editing scanned or supplied artwork. When colour information of the yarn colours or digital print output is activated in the AVA software, an accurate preview of how the design will appear when manufactured, can be achieved. And finally, if you wish to visualise the surface texture of the rug or carpet, add AVA’s 3D Designer tool for a 3D view of the design before manufacturing.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Work with very large files and repeats
  • Raster and Vector tools
  • Real-time repeating
  • Mirror repeats
  • Image and channel based workflow
  • Output to loom, screen or digital printer
  • 3D visualisation of the surface texture

Why Choose AVA?

AVA is dedicated to providing software development second to none, forward compatibility with the associated hardware, inspirational training, unrivalled levels of customer service excellence and a real value for money, long term partnership. For more detail of the huge variety of working methods and features developed in conjunction with our fashion, home furnishings & decorative partners over the past 35 years, please visit our software pages.



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