The availability of faster and more reliable broadband access to the majority of our customers has allowed us to add this budget-priced training alternative to the range of available training options. Remote e-training could be a sensible option – perhaps as a supplement, or follow-on, from initial one to one training. Training sessions are prepared in advance by a specialized AVA trainer who will then contact the trainee at an agreed time – usually by telephone – to provide a reliable voice link in addition to the direct computer-to-computer link which will allow the trainer to ‘take control’ of the trainee’s workstation to demonstrate points where appropriate. Training sessions can easily be recorded for subsequent replay/revision. Free E-training sessions may also be available with AVA Development Plan or Lease renewals.

AVA customers used e-training a lot during the Coronavirus 19 lockdown (when face-to-face training was impossible due to travel restrictions). Many of them were so impressed by the efficiency of this way of training that they have decided to continue training staff only electronically – thereby reducing costs, avoiding time-wasting travel and helping to save the planet by reducing carbon emissions.

Key Features

  • E-training is fully customised to the needs of the individual customer/ trainee
  • Low cost
  • Time efficient
  • Eco friendly

For more information about this training product, or for upcoming course dates, please contact training@avacadcam.com


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