AVA offers a range of finance and service options designed to meet the differing needs of our customers.

In deciding between the options outlined below, it is important to remember that, much as is the case with computer ownership, for example, there are two distinct aspects to software ownership;

  1. The initial package which you ‘take out of the box’ on day one and
  2. The ongoing costs of keeping your computer/software up to date, compatible with evolving third party technologies and improving its performance from year to year. (See AVA Development Plan)

Against this background, AVA offers the following four options:



Under this option the customer purchases a perpetual license which comes with free Development Plan cover for the first year. At the end of the first year of ownership, the customer has the option to extend Development Plan cover at a cost of 20% per annum of the list price of software covered. If the customer does not wish to continue Development Plan cover, the last version of the AVA software delivered prior to expiry of the Development Plan will continue to work until it encounters problems with changes to its operating environment (E.g. new computer hardware or operating system). For obvious reasons, AVA is unable to offer support to customers using older versions of the software


This option involves straightforward rental of the software (usually renewable annually) and includes full Development Plan cover and free e-training and support. As you would expect, this option involves a smaller initial outlay than an outright purchase, but higher annual costs. In addition to cash flow considerations, customers may wish to take into account the different tax treatments available for capital investments as against (lease) charges to revenue in their particular jurisdiction. At the end of their term, customers may choose not to renew their lease in which case the software will stop working.


Hire Purchase essentially provides an option which is a hybrid of options One (Outright Purchase) and Two (Lease). Essentially the initial cost of purchase is reduced in exchange for a commitment from the customer to maintain Development Plan cover (at a discounted price) for five years. At the end of the five year contract, customers may elect to continue Development Plan cover or make do with the last version of the software received (as in option one).


AVA offers customers who need multiple copies of AVA software modules (sometimes spread across multiple locations and a supply chain) the option of a fixed annual contract which includes the lease, Development Plan and free training for an unlimited number of workstations/operators.

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