Natural Surfaces

Our definition of Natural Surfaces refers to the beautiful surfaces we walk on, relax on and surround ourselves with every day, whether at work or at home. Furniture, Flooring, Kitchen units, Wallcoverings, Ceramic tiles and even Car interiors, all utilise the sophisticated, cutting edge tools from AVA in their design and manufacture.

To make a copy of an original wood or stone scan, and make it even more beautiful, more colourful and more intricate than it’s original, takes an incredible creative skill set and imagination… but it also requires an incredibly powerful, intuitive and versatile CAD CAM tool as well.

AVA’s technical end to end workflow solutions enable, integrate and improve the full process from 3D scanning (using scanners such as Cruse and Metis), to design development, colour separation, colouring, visualisations, colour management to a digital proofer, through to accurate colour management to digital printers, and of course, colour management through to the gravure printing press as well. Design and colour changes at any stage of the process can be previewed, cross-matched and checked.

For the most complex and intricate production processes as well as global and local factory integration, AVA is available to customers on a consultancy basis.

Download more information about AVA’s workflow for Natural Surfaces:

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