Fashion & Apparel

Fashion & Apparel

Time is money in today’s fashion & apparel industry. Speed and efficiency are essential in translating creative ideas and the latest fashion trends into garments -often through a value-adding chain spanning several continents. Major international players in the fashion industry have found that AVA’s software and support has hugely improved their workflow – from design through to fabric production – for both printed and woven designs.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Dramatic reduction in lead times, inventory and dormancy
  • Significantly reduced environmental impact through reduced waste
  • Easy integration with Adobe files
  • Real-time repeat editing
  • Accurate colour management all the way from computer monitor through to digital and/or analogue production
  • Unlimited colourways
  • Accurate colour management
  • Remote proofing
  • Expert training and support for staff – Life Long Learning

Why Choose AVA?

AVA is pleased to announce the launch of a new suite of software modules aimed at the fashion textile print market. Download more information:.


Create, Edit, Repeat
Colour Separations
Colouring & Colourways
Photorealistic Marketing
Digital Print Solutions

Fashion / Apparel Clients


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