The design and production of furniture decor is evolving at an incredible rate, as new materials, new technologies and fresh creative ideas come together. AVA CAD CAM is at the heart of the industry’s innovation, by regularly providing new 2D & 3D creative tools, new digital print solutions to support the growth in digital production and cost-efficiency solutions for the significant and steadfast technology of analogue printing. AVA is a truly integrated solution, linking the initial scanning process to the final sampling and production processes. Colour management is active all the way the process, so the users at each stage can see and check the design is reproducible and matches. Our role as an integrator, allows us to work with and connect to the other key technologies in this process; Cruse, Metis, Roland, Mimaki, AGFA, Palis, KBA, Hymmen, Barberan, Cefla, X-Rite, Datacolor, Barbieri and many more.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Supports very large files
  • Compatibility with Adobe PhotoShop
  • 3D editing and simulation tools (compatible with scanners including Cruse and Metis )
  • Real-time repeating tools
  • Retouching tools: warping, gamma, blending, masking
  • Colour separation tools for either colouring, digital print or gravure engraving
  • Create unlimited, colour matched colourways using colour libraries & production colour data
  • Interface with the most popular digital proofers and printers on the market
  • Accurate colour management through the entire digital and analogue process

Why Choose AVA?

As colour accuracy and productivity become even more important, and as designs and products become more complex and sophisticated, the case for specialist design and manufacturing software within the furniture lamination industry has only strengthened. AVA’s industry renowned customer support team places over 500 hundred man years of specialist decorative digital design and printing experience at the disposal of our customers. Download more information:


Create, Edit, Repeat
3D Design & Emboss
Colour Separations
Colouring & Colourways
Colour Management for Digital & Analogue
Digital Print Solutions
Photorealistic Marketing

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