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AVA Colour

Colour is at the heart of our software.

The popular AVA Colour software can be used on its own or in conjunction with the other AVA modules. There are two aspects to AVA Colour: Creativity and Technological.

Key Features

The creative side of colour

With user-friendly, accurate colouring tools, colourways and layout functionality, users can create unlimited colourways / variations of the design collection using manual, automatic and semi-automatic colouring features. Colour multiple designs using colour wheels (Lab, RGB, CMYK, output device linked pickers), production colourfile data, as well as Pantone® data, interface to spectrophotometers and other mixing tools. Then, professionally present the colourways, along with the inspiration, trends and mood boards, using the AVA Layout Page. All this hard work and delicate commercial colouring requires skill and time. Therefore, the designs must match. This brings in the second aspect of AVA Colour.

The technical side of colour

Achieving accurate colour consistently is no easy feat. AVA Colour is a trusted, reliable tool to help you accomplish just this.
AVA Colour provides device profiling tools (for CAD Display and Printer), colour gamut, colour editing and analysis, and of course, AVA’s industry acknowledged colour management. With accurate device profiles created and activated, designs will preview their output, giving the Colourist, the digital print operator, the separation artist and the designer truly accurate colour management of the print process. Colour gamut and overprint warnings can be activated to alert the user of non-matching colours and troublesome areas of the design, allowing ample time to make adjustments or compromises.

AVA’s technical team is available 18 hours a day Monday to Friday to help, check settings, troubleshoot and diagnose the cause of the fault, and get you back up and running.


Many of the AVA tools and functions can be amalgamated into “Palettes”. These Palettes can create brand new, custom tools, as well as one-click workflow accelerators.


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