Software Functionality
Create, Edit, Repeat

Create, Edit, Repeat

Designing in repeat is creative freedom…

It also helps save an enormous amount of time and avoids mistakes further along the production process. Whether you’re balancing a texture or repeating motifs, AVA helps you perform these tasks quickly and intuitively. This is a sophisticated creative package, which includes brushes, textures, patterns, filters, geometric tools, colour swatch palettes and many more. All of AVA’s creative tools work in repeat. AVA supports multiple file formats in repeat (channels, layers, images, vectors), very large repeat files, and a wide variety of intuitive repeating tools (drops, mirrors, contours, wrap around, step and contract repeats). Combines easily with most generic creative software packages.

Key Features

The right tools for you

With real-time repeating simply put the most complex of designs and textures into repeat in real time, ensuring there are no errors over the repeat join.


Enhance creativity

Apply design effects at the click of a button: download effects (palettes) from AVA Assist and apply drop shadows, embossed effects and key lines at the click of a button, or automate your own processes to ensure you have more time for the jobs you love.


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