How The Development Plan Supports Your AVA Learning?

The AVA software is constantly evolving and improving. With major software releases every year add new features, often developed in response to feedback from our customer/partners, as well as incorporating improvements in third party technologies such as the macOS®, internet communication capabilities, interfaces to devices such as digital printers, scanners and spectrophotometers etc.

In order to get the most out of their software, we encourage customers, and individual users, to embrace the ‘Life-Long Learning’ concept promoted by AVA and applied to our own staff. The idea is simply that we should never stop learning new skills and embracing new technology. As well as making our businesses more productive, efficient and competitive, this philosophy is positive  for employees who are more likely to remain motivated and loyal if they feel that they are acquiring new skills and expertise.

To support this philosophy, AVA are introducing free e-training sessions with every Lease or Development Plan renewed after July 2022. The number of hours of free training to which each customer is entitled will vary according to the number, and modules, of AVA licenses owned. E-training sessions are fully customised for the needs of an individual customer and/or trainee and may be attended by individuals or several users together. E-training sessions can be used to cover new features added to the software in the last year, to focus on a particular area (e.g. separations or 3D design) or even to learn how to use AVA Palettes to custom automate your own workflow.

Why Choose AVA Development Plan


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