Software Functionality
Digital Print Solutions

Digital Print Solutions

Digital sampling or digital production – AVA is an integral part of the workflow.

High print quality, exact size & cut, as well as accurate and reproducible colours, are qualities expected by the industry and delivered by AVA. AVA offers a range of solutions to provide a colour managed, consistent print path to a wide range of the most popular digital printers for wallcoverings. AVA has the tools and the know how to train and enhance the skills of your team and establish digital print excellence.

Key Features

Spot Colour printing

Fully utilise individual inks or speciality colours, such as green orange, white, inhibitor or metallic, and assign to specific layers in the design.

Preflight Checks

Avoid typical human errors by setting fail safes in the software, such as check resolution, profile and print sizes.


Many of the AVA tools and functions can be amalgamated into “Palettes”. These Palettes can create brand new, custom tools, as well as one-click workflow accelerators.


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