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Colour Separations

AVA Colour Separations

AVA’s Colour Separations are designed for both technical engravers and creative designers.

At the creative stage, new designs, high quality colourways or high quality digital print files can be achieved using AVA’s fast colour separation methods. At the technical stage, our tools enable separation artists to output printable, high-quality, technically precise files. The software is designed to be quick, accurate and versatile. The product encompasses masks, spot colours, process colours (CMYK) and RGB workflows, all within the same file if required. And it’s not just the software which is logical, easy to grasp and a joy to use; we ensure our training and support is also just as helpful and accessible, so you feel confident in tackling all the challenges which come your way.

Key Features

Advanced Colour Separation plus Channel Mixer

This tool combination enables you to separate the most complex of tonal, overprinting designs, in record times and with the high quality smoothness and balance which you’d expect from a top quality separation.

Automated Workflows

Set up AVA Palettes to automate repetitive tasks and/or create unique and personalised separation and retouching tools for yourself and your team.


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