Ceramic tiles

Ceramic tiles

Manufacturing and printing wall and floor ceramic tiles has experienced a radical transformation over the past few years by shifting from analogue to digital printing technology. AVA’s specialised, scanner compatible software for 3D editing and simulation, end to end colour management and 3D product visualisation provide the perfect complement to digital printing – resulting in a highly productive and efficient design to product digital workflow.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Supports very large files
  • Compatibility with Adobe PhotoShop and standard digital print file formats and workflows
  • 3D editing and simulation tools (compatible with scanners including Cruse and Metis)
  • Real-time repeating and retouching tools
  • Colour separation tools
  • Integration with third party RIPs, multi-channel profile generator and most of printer manufacturers
  • Soft proof and visualisation with multichannel icc printer profiles
  • Ability to visualise and print the same design using different processes and machines


Why choose AVA?

AVA design editing tools together with our colour accuracy makes AVA Ceramic an unique software package in the industry. The need for a versatile and specialist design and manufacturing software within the ceramic industry has only strengthened our position. AVA’s industry renowned customer support team places over 500 hundred man years of specialist decorative digital design and printing experience at the disposal of our customers. The combination of specialist software with specialist training and support will increase the productivity and creativity of even the most experienced teams. Try us and see for yourself…


Create, Edit, Repeat
Colouring & Colourways



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