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Photorealistic Marketing

Photorealistic Marketing

Realistically map your apparel and home textile collections for simple and effective three-dimensional simulation of the finished product. Present colourways and coordinates using your choice of garment and soft furnishing images.

Key Features

Realistic visuals

AVA’s tools allow you to prepare your photographs to a high standard and visualise design after design with the simple click of a button. The designs and any colourways are transferred at their real size and automatically repeated to fit. Enhance the look with lighting and shading layers. Export the presentations or single images as a generic format.

Accurate Colour

Present your existing colour accurate variations and/or create new colourways directly in the mapping scene. When used in conjunction with AVA’s Layout window, this powerful combination allows you to quickly and professionally display your designs and coordinates in-situ. An invaluable tool to help your customers visualise your collection without compromising colour accuracy.


Many of the AVA tools and functions can be amalgamated into “Palettes”. These Palettes can create brand new, custom tools, as well as one-click workflow accelerators.


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