Software Functionality
Colouring & Colourways

AVA Colour

Colour sells. Colouring is possibly the most important part of the whole design process.

That’s why our industry popular Colour software is packed with variety, quality, user-friendliness and accuracy. Colourways are unlimited. Colours are reproducible and accurate – what you see on the display is what you can expect off the printer*. The tools are wide ranging: colour wheels, colour books, trend palettes, mixing tools, spectro support and colour values.

*Subject to AVA’s colour calibration recommendations, training, hardware and studio environment.

Key Features

Professional Presentation

The much loved Layout window allows you to colour multiple layers at once, then layout and present your colourways, colour combinations, design & colour specs, mood board clippings, inspiration and notes.

The creative side of colour

Inspire. As the names suggests, this tool will actually help you find that winning colour combination. Set the colourway you wish to take inspiration from and use this tool to put together either what you imagine, or what you can’t yet imagine!


Many of the AVA tools and functions can be amalgamated into “Palettes”. These Palettes can create brand new, custom tools, as well as one-click workflow accelerators.


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