Software Functionality
Colour Management for Digital & Analogue

AVA Production Colour Management (PCM)

AVA Production Colour Management (PCM) – imagine the digital prints matching the analogue press and vice versa!

Digital Print has arrived and in many cases, co-exists with analogue printing. The next stage of this revolution is integrating the two technologies seamlessly and ensure both print efficiently. Get ready for AVA PCM!

Key Features

The impossible is now possible…

  • Designs can match across digital and analogue.
  • Old collections can be printed digitally to match the analogue batch.
  • Test the market with a new digital collection, with the confidence that it can match analogue.
  • Global sales offices can print samples which match final production.

All these scenarios are happening with AVA customers around the world. Enormous production efficiencies, cost & waste reductions, as well as competitive advantages are being gained, through a combination of AVA’s Production Colour Management tools + consultancy, and rationalisation of the design, colour and production process.

Help save the environment

Share the advanced AVA colour data with other AVA users in the production process, as well as with customers and partners. When accurate and representative colour data is shared by all concerned, samples reduce, colour matching time on the press dramatically drops, energy, ink and substrate wastage is minimised, lead times are achievable and the customer receives what they want.

In a world which expects companies to reduce waste, prudently use their resources and be aware of their environmental responsibilities, AVA PCM is a business saving and environment protecting technology. A “must have” for producers.


Many of the AVA tools and functions can be amalgamated into “Palettes”. These Palettes can create brand new, custom tools, as well as one-click workflow accelerators.


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