Introducing AVA TV – Grow your knowledge at your own pace

As part of the AVA software lease/AVA CAD Development Plan, users have access to our 24/7 learning database, AVA Assist. This comprehensive knowledge directory also includes AVA TV which is host to a selection of 30–60-minute, informative webinars, and a wide range of smaller, 5-minute micro-tutorials. With so many options to choose from, it is easy to find something to suit your learning style.  

Life-long learning is one of AVA’s core values. The AVA software is constantly evolving and improving, and we want users to feel the benefit of that! We present regular webinars to share and discuss new features, new interfaces, and recent technologies. We also invite customers to suggest subject matter for new webinars and tutorials which will complement their workflows. All live sessions are recorded and available to watch in your own time on AVA TV, allowing you to grow your knowledge at your own pace.  

Key Features

  • 5-minute bite-sized tips & tricks tutorials 
  • 30-60-minute comprehensive webinars  
  • Introduction to new software modules 
  • Introduction to software releases and new features 

Contact avatv@avacadcam.com if you have any questions, or would like to suggest topic ideas for future webinars.


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