Claire Louise

Claire Louise Designs is run and owned by Claire Louise Taylor. Claire set up her own company in 2003 and growing from strength to strength. Her main customer base is in home furnishings, however her hand painted florals, modern florals, geometrics, damasks and abstracts also appeal to the fashion and gift wrap industries. Claire offers a dynamic and varied collection for sale in addition to commission artworks which meet her clients specific requirements. A talented designer and artist, Claire is passionate about painting, design and her work.

Claire Louise Designs exhibits at numerous international trade shows, including Heimtex
Want to know more, please email Claire: designsbyclouise@aol.com

Claire Louise Designs use AVA to create designs for the home furnishing market.  All designs are created from hand painted artwork, we then use AVA to put into repeat, colour separate, and also show on materialize scenes.

AVA software has changed my way of working. I was always sceptical of the system. As my work is from hand painted designs, this set me apart from other studios who used CAD. AVA software actually enhances my original artwork. It has opened up so many more design ideas, colours, textures I would have never been able to create before.  I used to hand paint all my colour ways, now with the pantone colours once the design is colour separated not only can I create different colour ways but I can also send customers the referenced pantone chips. Presentation is key and with this it looks great and professional too!

I’m also a massive fan of AVA technical support. The fact that someone is always there at the end of the phone to help, even with the smallest problem! From sales to technical support I feel like AVA are a family and are always there. Initially the training worried me as I am not great with computers, but I needed not to worry – I picked it up easily with the professional and friendly team at AVA.

There are so many tools and I can’t name a favourite because they all are.  I love the real time repeat!  For me this has been great seeing my designs come to life. I am always recommending AVA and can’t stop talking about how happy I am with it.  I actually present my work as my ‘AVA design’ now!

I could never go back to my old way of working, painting a flower four or five times on one design. My customers are happy with the designs I am producing. At first I still took my painted designs but now all my designs are printed, as I am so proud of them!  AVA has opened up a lot more options in terms of how and what I design. I LOVE AVA!!!!!

Claire LouiseClaire Louise
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