Ensuring Clean Import and Separation of Flat Colour, Adobe Illustrator Designs



When importing with Adobe Illustrator designs, especially with flat colour & / or clean edges, it is essential to import into AVA with the same nice, clean edges. This makes the separation process of the design much quicker, without the need to clean up as many stray edge pixels after separation:

1. When saving the Adobe Illustrator design file, ensure that ‘Create PDF Compatible File’ is checked when the save/save as dialogue box opens up. This means that the .ai file will import directly into AVA without having to export it as any other format.


2. In AVA, set up your File Format > Import preferences to an appropriate or high resolution ensuring “allow antialiasing” is unchecked.



3. By adhering to steps 1 and 2 above, the edges are still clean in the design opening into AVA, making any type of separation much quicker and more controlled. If ‘Allow antialiasing’ is still checked in the AVA Preferences (see step 2 above) then the edges will contain a blur to them, requiring more steps to clean up in the separation process.


Flat_edges_AI_AVAimport2 Flat_edges_AI_AVAimport

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