The AVA Development Plan provides customers with the following benefits:

  • Continuous software updates incorporating major, user inspired new features, making full use of cutting edge, third party technology developments . The releases are supplied electronically and can be downloaded and applied quickly and easily. Release notes and training movies are supplied to demonstrate new features and technologies.
  • Unlimited free access to AVA Technical Support. Multilingual support specialists provide unlimited help, support and advice via free phone lines and/or direct computer to computer links.
  • Discounted access to the industry renowned AVA Advance training products.

Whether you lease or purchase the software, all of the benefits of the AVA Development Plan are typically supplied free of charge to all customers for the first 12 months of ownership of AVA software. Thereafter the decision as to whether to renew cover, as part of a lease renewal or as separate cover for purchased software, is yours alone. Many new customers start out intending not to renew DP cover on expiry of the free cover period but are convinced by the quality of both software development and support received during the first year to continue cover thereafter. Perhaps the most obvious reason for maintaining cover is a straight financial one – at an annual cost of 15%  of the list price of the software covered, the DP is less than half as expensive than the alternative of depreciating and writing off software before replacing it after a maximum of, say, three years of useful life (as you would the machine which it runs on).


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