Mirjam Roudén Textile Design Studio

A painter at heart and design and colour enthusiast, Mirjam Rouden studied fashion printing and textiles at Central St Martin’s in London. Graduating in 2003 she set up her business; Mirjam Roudén Textile Design Studio, and has gone on to expanding the business, reaching the needs of a wider mass market. The London based studio operates with a team of AVA CAD operators, separating hand painted files and recolouring, ready for production.

We recently visited the studio and interviewed one of Miriam’s CAD designers, Irina, read our short interview below…

1.) Can you introduce yourself and briefly explain what it is you do here in the studio…

Hello my name is Irina and I am a CAD Designer at Mirjam Roudén’s Textile Design Studio. I mainly put the files for the clients into repeats and I colour separate their files to provide them with production ready material. This is very big because most of the files are hand painted, so we need to separate them into individual layers, so a designer can actually use them and manipulate them in any way they want.

2.) How long have you being using AVA?

I have been using AVA for a year and a half. It was only when I joined Mirjam Roudén that I started using it, I hadn’t heard of it prior. We had another girl here before myself and we both booked onto training with AVA, which was really beneficial to us.

3.) What are the key reasons you use AVA software?

I mainly do repeats and colour separations. It’s my daily task to work with these and AVA’s software makes this much quicker and easier for me.

4.) What impact does the software have on business results?

You soon see that it makes everything a lot faster and more precise. It is easier to manipulate repeats, as you can automatically see the overview what is already happening, you can edit the bits out you don’t need without having to guess. The colour separations are really precise, it’s the only way we can deal with hand made work. Photoshop wouldn’t do it, it never picks the colour purely. AVA is cool.

5.) AVA regularly provide software updates, do you find these useful and how do they impact your business?

 I’ve received two updates in my time using AVA, but I haven’t had much opportunity to explore, but everything looks good… everything seems to be fine. Irina laughed and said “you’re always chasing to keep me up to date!”

6.) As a regular user of AVA, how would you summarise the software and service?

I don’t think I could do this job without you guys, honestly, it wouldn’t be possible. I love your tech support and all the guys who are on stand by, they’re really nice it’s so easy and less stressful because when your an end user and one thing goes bad, suddenly the whole world collapses but somebody is always there, it’s really nice! My colleague once had a problem whilst I was away and she just called you guys and said everything was fine, very very good support, Thank you.

Mirjam Roudén Textile Design StudioMirjam Roudén Textile Design Studio
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