AVA Assist is designed to help you get the most out of your AVA software, increasing productivity by placing tips, tricks and explanation and illustration of the use of (new and old) features at the fingertips of every user. AVA Assist can also be used as a valuable supplement to one to one training to get new operators up to speed quickly.

AVA Assist can be used as an ‘information portal’ which both newer and experienced users can search in order to quickly find answers to their questions – an infinite improvement on the old style printed paper ‘manuals’ which were issued with early computer applications and which, in the case of AVA, would by now extend to several hundred pages.

Accessed through the ‘Help’ menu within your AVA software, AVA Assist is updated with every new release of the software and also includes ‘breaking news’ between major releases.

Developed in response to customer feedback, we believe that AVA Assist will be a useful additional resource for all AVA customers. What AVA Assist is not intended to do in any way is to replace the AVA Technical Support team; we would encourage all of our customers to continue to call AVA Technical Support as often as necessary – sometimes there is no real substitute for direct one to one support and advice from a qualified and experienced specialist and we greatly value the regular direct contact and dialogue through Technical Support which strengthens the ‘partnership for all time’ which we aim to offer our customers. AVA Assist represents an additional new option/tool for our customers and is included as part of your AVA Development Plan.

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