OUT NOW – AVA 5.2!

We are now shipping AVA 5.2…

Introducing Tabbed windows to clean up your working environment, allowing you to more quickly access the information you need.


A single Selections Palette window now operates as a browser so you don’t need one per document- saving further screen space.

Quickly locate your designs, motifs, templates and palettes visually using our new File Browser. Create your own custom file locations. View open or recent items, Save or Close all your open files with one click. We are sure that you will wonder how you lived without this great new feature..


Free yourself from everyday tasks by combining new Resize, Gripping, Saving palette items to make custom workflows which work at the touch of a button. Simply drag the steps into a Palette to create your own custom automation. You could, for example, press a single button to save a resized copy of a design as a TIFF, PDF or JPEG. Filter items can now be edited in the Palette.

More settings are automatically stored within AVA files, improving their portability between systems and when reopened in the future. You can also embed order information, notes or production instructions within a design using the new built in Palette per document! Simply drag PDF’s directly in or save filters and brushes within the design for use at a later date.

There is a new Thin filter, improved selection when clicking on vectors, and an enhanced zoom function. A new “stair case” Gamma feature has many uses including separations to stepped tone.

There are new Structure Simulation navigation and surface area features and please make sure you look for a demo of Productivity Manager as it now features easier setup and design searching.

Our brand new modernised ColourSys 2 is now installed as default. It’s nicer to use, contains many new features and paves the way for many more.

AVA 5.2 incorporates changes to make it look stunning on macOS Mojave’s beautiful Dark mode, allowing your designs to take centre stage.



Please note: This is just an introduction to the features. After installing, please see AVA Assist for more detailed interactive information about these and the many other features which are contained within this release.

For AVA 5.2 we recommend running macOS Mojave (10.14). Our minimum macOS requirement is now version 10.12.

Out now – AVA 5.1!

AVA 5.1 is a significant release building upon the palettes technology which we introduced earlier this year in our AVA 5.0 version.

This updated palettes concept now offers you new automation possibilities which can accelerate your own workflows. It has enabled us to provide powerful new tools and methods which you can incorporate and even edit further to fine tune to your specific requirements.

To learn more about the features, all new ColourSys and to find out why we are so excited about it please click play on the movie below to watch our short introduction.


For AVA 5.1 we recommend macOS 10.13.6, the minimum system requirements is macOS 10.11.6.

You will receive a release e-mail when the version is available or contact AVA Technical support for further details.

Thank you for visiting us at FESPA, Berlin

This year was in fact the 3rd year that AVA has been an exhibitor of FESPA. The well established digital print show took place in a very busy Berlin, with an extended list of over 700 exhibitors spanning across 10 halls … it’s no surprise that FESPA is now known as the show to go to for all things digital print!

An analysis from last year’s show which took place in Hamburg, revealed that 72% of respondents reported an increasing demand for fast turnaround and 74% of the respondents also identified that wallpaper and interior decor was an area of growth for their business. Both of these market findings are of course ideally suited to AVA’s specialised software, making FESPA the ideal show for us to continue to exhibit at, with plans already in place to attend again next year!



Earlier this year we visited the ever-growing HP Graphics Experience Centre in Sant Cuagt, Barcelona, which currently spans across an impressive 6000 square meters, and has plans to grow further! It was here where we saw the final preparations of the Latex 3800 Jumbo Roll Solution being put into place, ready for its unveiling in Berlin!

Of all the RIP and colour management vendors on the market, HP chose AVA to partner them to promote this latest machine. The L3800 is their most industrial Latex solution so far, targeting digital decor businesses with it’s large jumbo rolls (up to 1.2m diameter) and the ability to hold rolls up to 1.2 tons, this solution enables unattended, long run printing on a range of media that’s suitable for markets such as wallpaper, vinyl flooring and window blind manufacturers.

Click below for the full interview with HP’s Thomas Valjak and Emily Falconer from Premier Textiles, as they discuss their latest Latex developments and how AVA integrates with these.


For more information on AVA software or if you’d like to speak to a member of our team, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for visiting us at FESPA, BerlinThank you for visiting us at FESPA, BerlinThank you for visiting us at FESPA, BerlinThank you for visiting us at FESPA, BerlinThank you for visiting us at FESPA, Berlin

Новая Версия AVA ColourSys!

Недавнее обновление системы Apple (MacOS 10.13.4) только что запустило предупреждение о том, что «ColourSys не оптимизирован для вашего Mac». Хорошей новостью является то, что приложение ColourSys от AVA было полностью переписано и будет отправлено вам как часть AVA 5.1. Мы очень довольны ColourSys 2, поскольку в дополнение к тому что это 64-битное приложение, оно содержит множество новых функций, таких как поддержка отображения Retina и новый пользовательский “всплывающий” интерфейс.


Текущая версия ColourSys не вызывает никаких проблем с производительностью, поэтому просто нажмите кнопку «ОК», и вы больше не будете получать предупреждающие сообщения.

Если у вас есть дополнительные вопросы по этому вопросу, пожалуйста, не стесняйтесь обращаться в нашу службу поддержки. 


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