Optimising AVA File Compression

While a higher compression is desirable, it takes longer to process the information as it is compressing the data. To provide more control on the file saving time, users have access to a compression setting where the compression level can be reduced to shorten the saving time.

On newer and more powerful Apple Mac stations, the compression setting can be set to “Better” mode, as these computers handle the compression more quickly and makes the overall process unnoticeable. If however you work with a less powerful station, you will have to decide whether you want a smaller resulting file size which takes longer to save or a bigger resulting file size which is faster to save.

To access the compression settings used for the AVA 3 file format, select AVA > Preferences > File format, then click on the AVA tab available in the window.

Optimising AVA File Compression

Use the slider to define the type of compression applied when saving in AVA 3 file format. You have 2 types of compression:

• Faster - when the slider is positioned close to the Faster option, the compression is done quickly but results in a less compressed file.

• Better - when the slider is positioned close to the Better option, the compression is more efficient, but is slower.

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