Changing the ‘Access Preferences’ Keyboard Shortcut in favour of ‘Move Selection’

1. Go to Apple Menu > System Preferences > Keyboard > Keyboard Shortcuts (Tab)

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2. Click and highlight ‘Applications Shortcuts’ in the left hand list. ‘All Applications’ will show on the right.

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3. Click the + button located below the ‘All Applications’ window. A new shortcut editor will slide down.

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4. Click on the ‘Applications’ menu tabs and scroll down the list, past all available apps to the ‘other option’.

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5. In the browser window that opens, find the ‘AVA 4.8′ folder in the main Applications folder on your computer. Enter the 4.8 folder and highlight the AVA application. Now click ‘Add’.

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6. With the AVA application added to the ‘Application’ section of the shortcut editor, click in the ‘Menu Title’ field and enter ‘Move’. Then click in the ‘Keyboard Shortcut’ field and type ⌘,. With all info added, click ‘Add’ to confirm the shortcut.

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The shortcut is added to the system preferences list and overrides (for AVA only) the preferences shortcut in favour of Move Selection.

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