Back in May of 2023 we shared an update with you about AVA’s Core values (Vision, Integrity, Community, Expertise, Life-long learning); this isn’t a new initiative, in fact, it has been running for 8 years! But last year we decided to invite our community of customers, partners, and suppliers to also take part in submitting nominations, inviting you to nominate any member of our team (customer facing/or any one of the team who work quietly in the background) when we introduced the new ‘AVAtor of the year award’. 

Underpinning AVA’s Values sit our core competencies, and we wanted to give you an insight as to what these are so you can appreciate in more depth what is behind supporting our core values day to day.  After reading these, it might help you understand a little more about our team of talented individuals and the behaviors we encourage and reward.  

AVA Competencies

Open to changeDemonstrates flexibility. Adapts to new challenges. Willing to step out of comfort zone. Delights colleagues and customers. 

No limitsDemonstrates resilience. Solves problems. Delights colleagues and customers. 

Learn & help learnShows proactive interest in personal development. Seeks feedback to improve understanding. Actively shares knowledge and expertise to support the learning and development of colleagues as well as customers. Strives to understand the perspectives of others. Delights colleagues and customers. 

Foster communityWorks easily in groups. Demonstrates loyalty and commitment to team objectives and good listening skills. Communicates well.  Delights colleagues and customers. 

Trust & earn trustDemonstrates integrity and reliability/attention to detail. Delivers constructive criticism effectively. Delights colleagues and customers. 

As we continue to work towards making our values the heart of the AVA culture, we want to reward those who go above and beyond, and we would like to encourage you as our partners to nominate anyone at any time of the year not just at year end. 

This annual award plays a key role in developing our culture and employee development and helps us recognise when someone is truly excelling and leading by example. It’s presented at our company year-end meeting when all our team can get together, and last year’s winner, Julia Sloan, was the first to scoop up the prize! Julia is an extremely talented member of our team and was chosen in recognition of her exceptional performance, for her commitment, passion, and dedication in achieving excellence. 

Here are a few extracts from Julias many nominations: 

“Hard work, resilience, dedication, care, attention to detail I could go on and on… I really respect Julia in her work ethic, emotional intelligence, and people skills. An unsung hero. Her caring nature is a fabulous role model for others and everyone who works with her notices it and appreciates it. She is such an amazing team player with honesty and integrity, she has everyone’s back and cares so much it’s humbling. I had to nominate her again for her continued thoughtfulness and kindness which goes above and beyond any of her colleagues especially when she has her own personal and medical issues to cope and deal with. Consistently works hard and is striving to improve communication and procedures at AVA. Is eloquent, polite, confident, forward-thinking, and a joy to work with. The definition of integrity.

Nick Langford AVA’s CEO commented: ‘ Julia has been struggling with substantial health issues but despite all of that her work goes from strength to strength – a worthy first winner’.

Can you tell us a little bit about your journey at AVA to date? 

I started working at AVA in early 2017 as a French and German speaking technical solutions advisor. My main role involved training customers across Europe and when back in Macclesfield, I was a member of the technical support team who are responsible for helping our customers use the software successfully and troubleshooting any issues they may encounter. I then joined the sales team in early 2020, from which point as well as keeping in close contact with existing customers, my key role was to demonstrate AVA’s many benefits to potential new customers and manage their onboarding journey. On top of this, I also lead the French Project group who are responsible for keeping the software translations up to date, marketing and website translations, training and looking after new and existing customers, creating AVA TV content and more. 

How did you feel receiving the award? What did it mean to be given this award? 

I was extremely honoured and surprised to receive this award. After having developed serious long-term complications from Covid, I was no longer able to travel and went many months at a time without seeing my colleagues face to face. This made me feel like my impact on the business had reduced and I was just grateful to still be able to work flexibly with AVA’s ongoing support. However, upon realising that despite the circumstances, many of my colleagues had nominated me for this award and written such touching things, I was blown away to be quite honest. I feel like we are so lucky at AVA to have such a wonderful team, many of whom are not only colleagues but long-standing friends – and the award could have gone to so many people. But yes, I was chuffed and extremely grateful, and probably the proudest moment for me professionally. 

What have you done with the prize money? 

I bought some new curtains for my bedroom and the spare bedroom – incidentally, both produced by customers! 

So, as we approach our next company year-end meeting, we’d like to invite you as our customers and suppliers and more importantly, partners for all time, to consider nominating any member of our team who have shown excellent examples of AVA Core Values, and AVA Competencies.

Simply fill out the form below, or email