We are excited to announce the release of AVA 5.8! With new tools for removing textures, kaleidoscopes to aid your creativity and performance improvements throughout, take a look at what our latest version would mean for you and your productivity.  


Kaleidoscope Tool

This brand new tool gives you the creative possibilities of rotated mirrors to create kaleidoscope effects in real time! This exciting new tool works within AVA’s real-time repeats and with many of the design tools already available to you. 



Texture Removal Tool

Automatically remove texture and noise from files! Texture Removal allows you to easily clean a scanned fabric to remove the background texture, drastically improving the speed of your workflows. 


TextureRemover tool AVA 5.8


Percentages Enhancements

The percentages window now updates live whenever changes are made to your document. Not only are updates live in the percentages window, but the dynamic text of your layout too! 


Percentages tool AVA 5.8


Gripping Enhancements

Gripping in AVA just got more efficient, with circular & rectangular gripping up to 5 times faster! 




Smooth Scrolling

Improved speed and responsiveness of scrolling, zooming, and refreshing of documents, making your whole AVA experience smoother, especially on high resolution monitors. 


New Tool Bar Icons

New look icons in the AVA toolbar make it easier to identify your tools when displaying without text labels. 


Fit Content to Frame

Why fit frame to content when you can fit content to frame! Your layouts just got easier. 


Navigations Window Improvements

The Navigation Window has updated visuals making the document’s visible region easier to see. 


NavWindow tool AVA 5.8 


Export Flat Image from 3D Designer

Snapshot your surface visualisations straight from the 3D Designer window and export them to common file formats. 


Preview Single Spot Layers in Black

You now have the option to view a single spot layer in unmanaged black without re-colouring the layer. A handy time saving shortcut for engraver workflows.  


New CMYK picker

The AVA CMYK Picker has been revamped to be more intuitive and user friendly with live colour previews in the sliders, a compare button so you can see the difference between the original colour of your layer and your new one, transparency adjustments, and much more.  


CMYK tool AVA 5.8


The above are just a few of the exciting features in AVA 5.8, you will find full documentation of all the new features in the new look AVA Assist.

Along with support for the latest macOS, AVA 5.8 fully supports both the new Apple Silicon and the older Intel processors.  

Our benchmark testing of AVA shows vast speed improvements between Intel and Apple Silicon Machines, including up to 20 times faster at standard tasks such as rotating and resizing! For more information read our technical article on why you should be thinking about upgrading your hardware. 

If you are thinking of getting a new Mac soon, please contact AVA Support for our latest advice on what system we think would best suit your requirements. 

AVA 5.8 will require macOS 11.0 Big Sur and newer. If you are running macOS 10.15 Catalina (or older) and need advice on updating, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with AVA Technical Support and we will be happy to help you.