We have realised that it has been several years since we shared with you any news about our AVA Values. Since then, we have been working hard in the background on these and we thought now was a good time to share an update and our latest thoughts with you.

We are extremely proud to say that over the last 7 years, the company/team has been successfully continuing to grow and develop our culture, embedding our core values –  Vision, Integrity, Community, Expertise, and Lifelong Learning – into our daily life and everything that we do. We thought that it would be good to give you an update on each AVAFyi newsletter on what we have been doing around our values and share some pictures.  

As mentioned in a previous news article, AVA has biannual Core values awards. This award has proved to be an excellent way for members of the AVA team to nominate colleagues who they feel have really lived one or more of our values. We are proud to say that we always receive a heartwarming number of thoughtful and insightful nominations, all of which are passed onto the nominees and included in their performance appraisals. The winner’s names are then inscribed onto the famous ‘AVAtor Propellor’ trophy and a small gift is made to each winner. To date, we are proud to advise that we have had 17 different winners, across all areas of the business.  

As we continue to work towards making our values the heart of the AVA culture, we believe that each value can be applied internally within AVA but also externally with our wider partners, customers & supplier community. We have therefore decided to make a larger end of year award to an ‘AVAtor of the Year’ who lives and breathes our values and who is recognised not simply by colleagues but also by you – our close working customers and partners. Your feedback will enable you to participate directly in an important part of our employees’ development and help us to recognise when someone is truly excelling and leading by example.  

We, therefore invite you to submit your nominations using the short form below. We very much look forward to hearing your thoughts and thank you in advance should you feel able to take the time to share your individual, personal experiences and opinions on our team.

Debbie Buchan, HR & Culture Director.