We are pleased to announce the launch of our latest technology partnership with Print Factory, a collaboration which ensures seamless colour management from screen to print!

PrintFactory is a suite of award-winning, workflow software that helps LFPs to work more efficiently today and prepare for more advanced levels of automation tomorrow. The team are printers themselves, delivering competition-beating workflow software: PrintFactory delivers the highest quality, consistent colour to every device, anywhere, with manual control over smart technology that makes it possible to build a better business.

The mission of AVA is, by establishing ourselves as long-term technology and training partners to our customers, to make a unique contribution to the cost-effective design and production of beautiful, successful and environmentally sustainable decorative printed products all over the world.

With a friendly and experienced technical support team on hand for its customers for 18 hours on normal working days, AVA’s focus for over 40 years remains customer partnership, growing and sharing knowledge, and playing a positive and valued role across the lifecycle of decorative prints. Offering a suite of specialised software modules used worldwide across the printed textiles, wallcoverings, floor coverings and engraving industries, AVA delivers personalised training to every individual user. We appreciate the complex and unique challenges each customer faces as they look to convert design brilliance into high-quality products, quickly and cost-effectively.

AVA’s software modules bring significant and measurable advantage to the whole workflow, from initial design and repeating (in two, or three dimensions), through colour separation and recolouring to digital printing and conventionally printed production.

We’re inspired by our customers and use the feedback shared with us daily in the continual development of the software. The close partnerships we forge ensure AVA users remain at the forefront of technology and at the height of their own efficiency and productivity.

A fervent advocate of digital printing, AVA has been developing RIP software as part of its complete colour management solution for over 30 years. Our customers demand print accuracy, meticulous colour management and colour reproducibility – from batch to batch and sometimes from digital to analogue print. Our colour profiling and technical capabilities are widely used across the colour-critical industries of fashion and apparel, home furnishings, wallpaper and decor for digital proofing and production. We are thrilled to see the digital print industry grow and so many new options come to the market. The proliferation of new models of digital printers, however, means that it now made sense for us to seek a specialised partner to supply drivers for individual digital printers in order to allow us to focus more resources on other areas such as hybrid (analogue and digital) production colour management and 3D design and editing. In Print Factory we have been lucky enough to find a company with a very similar customer-focused philosophy to our own with whom we have been able to work quickly and easily.

Erik Strik, CEO of PrintFactory: “In addition to our already comprehensive feature set, PrintFactory workflow software now offers more features than our competitors. As a cloud-based platform, we can integrate seamlessly with AVA’s software modules, and we are delighted to be partnering with a company that is committed to redefining digital print workflows.”

Following extensive testing, open and willing communication, and a ready determination to create a seamless workflow for our mutual customers, we are very excited that companies will now benefit from the technological partnership between AVA and Print Factory. Impressed by Print Factory’s list of 3500 drivers for Windows, Mac and Linux, AVA was equally pleased to find something that we could confidently support ourselves and promote to customers. Our joint development ensures that AVA users profit from a totally integrated workflow and no interruption in their colour management from screen to print. Using live repeating tools, easy-to-use spot colour separations and effortless colouring and presentation capabilities, we expect that Print Factory users new to AVA will see improved efficiency and productivity across their typical surface print workflow, leading to higher production levels and need for more print capacity!

Nick Langford, CEO of AVA,  said; “It has been great working with a flexible and like-minded company like Print Factory. Our combined experience and expertise in slightly different areas provide a perfect fit which will benefit both existing and future customers”.

To find out more details about PrintFactory, head to their website: printfactory.cloud or get in touch via marketing@printfactory.cloud