Apple® introduced a bug in the recently released version12.5 of macOS® Monterey which resulted in colour issues and a number of crashes for AVA customers. These issues could be seen as colour inconsistencies between screen and print, a yellow cast in the background of prints, and crashes related to profiles.

AVA’s Technical Support and R&D team were quick to identify the bug, which has been reported to Appl®e, and our Developers have added a workaround which resolves the issue in AVA 5.6.3.

If you have already updated your operating system to 12.5, or plan to soon, please ensure you have also updated AVA to the latest version – 5.6.3. We would always recommend that you run the latest version of AVA to ensure you always have the latest bug fixes and performance improvements.

If you are still using AVA 5.5, you can download 5.6 from the link below. If you are already running 5.6, go to the AVA menu and click ‘Check for Updates’ to make sure you are on the latest version.

If you need any assistance updating, please contact AVA Technical Support.

Download AVA 5.6 here