It’s been our pleasure to be able to support the CMYUK Creatives in residence live program, by participating as a mentor for the fourth brief, alongside industry specialist fabric printers Standfast & Barracks, decorative artist Diane Marsland and bespoke interiors company Avalana Designs.

One of our Technical Solution Advisors, Lindsey Arnold, has a wealth of knowledge and experience with colour separations. Lindsey met with the creatives and demonstrated a variety of separation techniques and processes using the designers own work. She explains the advantages of using AVA when it comes to an accurate screen-to-print match and the benefits this has not only during the initial design stages, but furthermore how it helps reduce print wastage as well as saving valuable time!

Check the CMYUK video below to see how they got on…

Our Customer Service Director, Debbie Buchan, was also working closely on this project and has given the following feedback:

It was our pleasure to meet the CIRL winners and to welcome them to AVA. The CIRL project is such a fantastic opportunity for designers and their future.

From the start we have followed the graduates’ progress, and watched Taylor’s professional videos and social content… and boy what a journey!

It is great to see the designers growing each week with each project, learning lots of new skills, then putting them into practise. The calibre of support across the industry, site visits, access to production/ equipment, mentoring sessions is just tremendous – How could we not be a part of it!

I couldn’t wait to show the designers AVA, and for them to get stuck in. Watching their journeys (and particularly Evie’s challenges around screen to print match and colour matching) in the early days made me even more determined to get AVA into their hands.

It’s just fabulous to see everyone pulling together to help support, educate, and develop the next generation of designers who will be entering the industry. I wish I had had something like that to kick start my career way back in the day! The knowledge and expertise being shared is truly invaluable and will provide these designers with an excellent knowledge of working practises for their future careers.

I hope that we were able to give the designers an insight into what we do here at AVA, how we support all the different industries, and, ultimately, how this translates into what they as designers need to do day in day out.

The aim was to help educate and inspire the designers using their own designs; showing the designers just some of the many possibilities and, more importantly, helping them to understand how important it is to use the right tool for the job. Using the right tool at the beginning of the design process will help enhance creativity and speed up workflows and, crucially, will help ensure that they can provide industry accurate/appropriate art work.

It was wonderful to see the designers faces as we worked on their designs in AVA showing them all the different tools and features…we could see they just wanted to get hands on and give it a go.

The knowledge and time that all the industry is sharing and imparting is so valuable to these designers, really understanding what’s required, thinking ahead, and designing for production process, will stand them in good stead. We are extremely proud to be able to share our knowledge and contribute to this exciting initiative. We are also very much looking forward to seeing what the designers produce on the final project and how they use the AVA software in that process.
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