2020 has been the catalyst of change for many businesses worldwide. For AVA one of the changes that we implemented was to host our first online AVA CAD Specialist Training (CST) course. This was a great success and we have already gone on to host another digital training course.

We’re delighted to introduce one of the graduates of this training course, Vicky Price.  With a background and prior knowledge in textile design, we interviewed Vicky to find out more about herself and her style of work, as well as to find out how she got on with the AVA training…

“I recently studied AVA CST level 1 to update my skills in repeat print, hoping to gain employment in the textile design industry. My prior skills are in colour separation for screen print and as a senior technician at a UK university. In 2018 I was awarded an exceptional distinction in MA Fashion and Textile Design, during which I was presented with a UK Textile Society postgraduate bursary. I have shown my work at New Designers and took part in TexSelect in 2018, which were very fruitful events and I made many industry contacts. I also collaborated with an upholsterer from Second Sitters, London and we collaborated an exhibit for ‘Evolution to Revolution’ at National Centre for Craft and Design. Since receiving my intensive qualification from AVA CAD/CAM I am creating a series of drawings of flora found by the wayside, which I aim to build into repeats for an interior design freelance collection.”

“I like my print design to show physical brush marks, movement, layering and elements of texture, which is most suited to interiors, wall coverings, upholstery and soft furnishings. Colour is a strong element and is often contrasted with intricate drawings. I have an undergraduate degree in fine art printmaking, and I love bold contrasts in monochrome and colour detail, often created in inks. I’m interested in the material craft of cloth and find that my designs are often created with a specific type of fabric in mind.  ”

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“My most recent collection ‘Wasteland’ was inspired by on-location drawings on disused areas of land, gathering of post-industrial found elements and using photography to record non-permanent painted pattern in the location. The area is being taken over by saplings, moss, lichens and plants that suggest the strength and perseverance of nature. I’m interested in created collections that can be installed in interiors, possibly hotels, and wallpapers for indoor areas that will benefit nature motifs. “

“I am really interested in colour tonal ranges, making this a focal element within my print designs. I recently documented a range of flowers from living to dried and the colour changes can be surprising, especially within roses. Within my Masters degree, I developed a method of measuring and screen-printing waste digital print reactive and acid dyes from large format printers, I enjoyed the science of colour mixing and also the unexpected hues. I have an in-depth knowledge of hand-mixed reactive and acid dyes; during my studies, I embarked on a colour-mix and matching process and microscopically photographed the corresponding digital dye prints and the screen-printed hand-mixed pastes. Whilst out drawing on location, I like to focus in on surfaces and pick out colour and I enjoy zoom out washes of colour to capture the atmosphere of in-coming weather and landscape.”

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“I worked alongside an amazing textile academic during my print technician role, she is experienced within the fashion print industry and suggested AVA training to update my skills. I studied the AVA website for courses but due to the Covid-19 pandemic there seemed to be nothing planned, until I enquired and received an email offering me the online CST course. I was thrilled. “

“I am a very practical learner, a watcher and then a do-er, so I was a bit daunted at first with the practical elements and there being a lot of information to take in in one chunk. However, the tutor Hannah was excellent, patient and easily contactable throughout the day which made any issues I had with my work easy to resolve. I’m naturally used to colour separation for manual screen-printing, and I found that this element of AVA made the process so simple and complex separations very possible, from flat bold to subtle watercolour designs. I also enjoyed the way, that every little tweak that I could think of during my design practice was catered for. With live repeats, I was able to review designs in real-time. There’s also a great feature to help build presentations of your pattern and various colourways; everything you could imagine and possibly struggle with in other software is so easy in AVA. “

“I have had such positive support since completing CST level 1, help with setting up for the follow-on one-month software loan, advice on applying for employment and which companies are currently hiring. I would recommend this to anyone working in textiles, freelance or hoping to work in a design company.”

“I’m hoping to work in surface textile and wallpaper for interior design in the Greater Manchester area from mid-September this year. I understand that it’s a big step for a company to look at my work history as I currently have technical print and support experience and I’m looking for an experience with a textile or wall covering company. I’m passionate about my career path and I’m hoping to pursue this as an employee or as a freelancer. “

drawing vprice ava

If you’d like to see more of Vicky’s work you can view her website: www.vickyprice.com or contact Vicky directly using the details below.

Email: info@vickyprice.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/vickypriceprints/