AVA macOS Catalina (10.15)

Apple’s next operating system ‘macOS Catalina’ will start shipping this autumn and is already available in the form of a public beta version. However, AVA will not be supporting macOS Catalina until AVA 5.4 which we will ship in January 2020.

macOS Catalina contains significant welcome security enhancements. However we anticipate potential problems for users as manufacturers of graphic tablets, printers, spectrophotometers and software libraries adapt and make themselves compatible with the changes. It’s not just AVA that needs to be updating but the entire ecosystem.

AVA 5.3 version might already work on Catalina but as the entire ecosystem needs to work, we don’t recommend users updating to Catalina at this time as we don’t want you to encounter issues that hinder your work.

We are fully committed to fully working on macOS Catalina as soon as possible and we are targeting the AVA 5.4 release (which ships in January 2020) to be fully compatible with it.

If you have an immediate strong reason for wanting to be on Catalina now then please contact myself (Robert Soames) and I’ll be happy to discuss options with you.

macOS Catalina is due to be released in Autumn, for more information click here 

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