Coming Soon – AVA 5.3!

Summer 2019!

In AVA 5.3 we have added a number of key features to our partial image interface to help you design your repeats even more easily.  You can now rotate them around a pin, distort beyond their original boundary and keep the images repeating even when your viewing a single repeat in AVA!


We are excited to announce a brand new Morphing brush in this latest version. The Morphing brush allows users to blend various different brushes to create artistic and inspirational brush strokes.


In the last release we introduced the File Browser to allow users to quickly locate and open designs. We have further enhanced the File Browser in this latest version, giving users the added versatility to show the contents of folders and show users the path to the files location.
AVA has a function to export an image of your design or Layout for non AVA users to view. This is the ‘Save Combined Copy As’ function. Using AVA 5.3 the exported file will look closer to how you saw the design in AVA than ever before, when your clients view them on their systems. See example below, where the saved files are viewed in Preview.


AVA’s Halftone Screen algorithms now give better angle stability, dramatically improved performance and using AVA’s Palette actions technology can now automate the Halftone Screening procedure.

As well as general improvements to AVA’s TIFF compatibility, AVA 5.3 now has the ability to import 16 bit TIFF files.

This TIFF compatibility allows us to integrate better with high quality large format scanners such as CRUSE and Metis.

Using the AVA Digital Print RIP with 5.3, we can print colour matched 3D prints of your textures to the latest Roland UV printers. This allows you to present a hard copy of embossed designs to your clients that they can actually touch and feel.


AVA’s Structure Simulation module has been refined to give a more realistic simulation of the finished result and includes tools to help you correct faults in the structure.  The window now includes the option of showing a gloss effect and shadows. The mouse position shows in the Structure window, so you can easily mark problem areas you need to fix.  All these enhancements make checking for faults clearer, and allows you to show your clients a better representation of how the finished product will look.


Users now have the option on open, to use their own Application settings or take the Document settings.  This gives a better control of your setup and aids reprint-ability.




Please note: This is a short introduction to the latest AVA 5.3 features. For more in depth information on all the latest features please see AVA Assist. AVA Assist provides more detailed and interactive information about all of the features listed above as well as the many other features which are contained within this release.

For AVA 5.3 we recommend running macOS Mojave (10.14). Our minimum macOS requirement is macOS 10.12.

At this time we would not suggest upgrading to macOS Catalina (10.15). For more information about this, please click here.

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