News from WWDC17- ‘High Sierra’, how will this benefit AVA users?

On the 5th of June at Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference in San Jose, California,  a new version of macOS was announced, with the release name of ‘High Sierra’.

This new release should be a great upgrade for AVA users, as it contains many beneficial features such as Metal 2 for 3D graphics (highly beneficial for AVA’s new release of Structure Simulation), a new file system (APFS) and new compression technologies, to name just a few. To see more details and a full list of features for High Sierra, please click here. There’s more good news as High Sierra will run on all hardware that currently runs macOS Sierra. To read more on AVA’s operating system requirements, please click here.

Further great news for AVA users, is the introduction of a new range of more powerful iMacs and Mac Book Pro’s. These feature a new and faster CPU line, expanded memory, faster I/O and enhanced graphics computation. With these available to order now, perhaps now is the time for you to upgrade some of your hardware?

But that’s not all… as part of the conference they also previewed an iMac Pro, which will ship in December 2017. The iMac Pro features up to 18 CPU cores, which AVA software will take full advantage of due to our extensive multi threading utilisation. This machine looks to be a super, high power beast, but looks like it will also have an impressive price tag!

Another technology features AR Kit which stands for augmented reality. This looks like a very exciting new area for the future which AVA look forward to exploring!

News from WWDC17- 'High Sierra', how will this benefit AVA users?News from WWDC17- 'High Sierra', how will this benefit AVA users?News from WWDC17- 'High Sierra', how will this benefit AVA users?
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