Coming soon – AVA 4.9!

We are proud to announce that AVA 4.9 will be landing on your station very soon and we are excited to show it to you all. Using the latest optimisation technologies, 4.9 introduces a host of new features and innovations designed specifically to boost performance and efficiency. Here is just a taster of what’s to come:


Energise Colourway Creation with the ‘Inspire’ Workflow
Colourways can now be automatically generated which are random in nature but based on an ‘inspirational’ colourway of the user’s choice. AVA’s latest Quick Colourways innovation, the ‘Inspire’ window, integrates perfectly into a new blanket creation workflow which gives the user full control on how colourways are generated and where colour inspiration comes from.

Formidable separation control with improved ‘Combine to Layer’ method
AVA 4.9 also sees massive improvements to the Combine to Layer feature. The introduction of the new Split Window function along with a new Embedded Layer preview removes any past restrictions to enable a freer workflow with productivity benefits such as multiple combines over multiple views, more accurate greyscale previews and more accurate tonal representation.

New ‘Split Window’ function for multiple views within a single window
A new ‘Split Window’ function facilitates multiple views of a design within the same window. With single click ‘view’ split / kill, automatically applied link scrolling and the ability to add as many splits as required, it is the more convenient and flexible alternative to the previous sub window workflow.
Split Window is also a complimentary feature to the new Combine to Layer window, providing an essential part in a new, powerful separations workflow.

Powerful, fast masking capability with the new ‘Three Point Spline’
AVA 4.9 introduces the new ‘Three Point Spline’ tool for rapid creation of masks and shapes. The method is simple and intuitive, requiring, as the name suggests, just three points. Click once to plot the start point, click twice to plot the end point, move to shape the line then click a third time to render. Three easy steps which quickly become second nature to the user.

Easier Access to Image Channels and Alpha Masks 
Image channels and alpha masks can now be more conveniently accessed from within the image layer itself. Just click the layer disclosure triangle to reveal available channels and masks for individual editing and/or viewing, clicking again to neatly hide again afterwards.
Change Layer Visibility/Active Status on Multiple Quick Colourways Objects 
Layers can now have their visibility or active status changed for multiple selected Quick Colourway objects of the same design. Changing the active layer status of multiple objects is a new concept required for workflows such as the new Inspire Colourways. Simply select multiple objects on a layout, change the visible status in the Layers window and the change is applied to each of the selected objects.

Use AVA ‘Matched’ colours on text elements 
Quick Colourways text elements can now be coloured by dragging and dropping any available AVA colour. Colours can now be dragged to a whole text block or to individual selected portions of selected text in the box, offering additional creative possibilities. The convenience of using AVA Colours also brings the added benefit that text is now colour matched via the Colour Management System, providing further consistency to the layout process.

Improved Colour Use with Circle and Rectangles
Using colour with circle and rectangle shapes in Quick Colourways has also been enhanced with the ability not only to colour such objects using any AVA colouring technique but also to drag & extract colour to use elsewhere in AVA. This improvement opens up possibilities for colour sharing and communication via inspirations sheets (like the sample shown right) where colours can simply be dragged and dropped into new designs from the chips.

More effective control of Dynamic Text states 
The ability to switch between Set as and Edit Dynamic Text states has been added to the tool contextual (ctrl) menu in Quick Colourways. Control is now more appropriately placed and makes for quicker navigation and editing.

Reposition Vectors Using ‘Move’
Selected vector objects can now be repositioned using the ‘Move’ feature in the Edit > Select menu. The move can be applied to fully or partially selected shapes so you can choose to move only the selected area of complex shapes.

Tool Settings Integrated in a Single Window
An integrated Tool Settings window in 4.9 brings a marked improvement to the user interface by uniting all individual tool settings and options in a single, more convenient place. The new feature means less time spent hunting for windows (as in previous versions) as all tool settings occupy the same window and position with options changing or hiding appropriately.

Coming soon - AVA 4.9!Coming soon - AVA 4.9!Coming soon - AVA 4.9!Coming soon - AVA 4.9!Coming soon - AVA 4.9!Coming soon - AVA 4.9!Coming soon - AVA 4.9!Coming soon - AVA 4.9!Coming soon - AVA 4.9!
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