Been caught Napping?

You may have noticed that Apple have recently introduced OS X Mavericks operating system! It contains the latest performance enhancing technologies and new features. Amazingly Mavericks is free to download and install!

One of the technology improvements contained in Mavericks is called ‘App Nap’. It sleeps applications which it senses are not in use and so allows the most critical tasks to have more resources available, thus making them more efficient. We have noted a small problem in some circumstances where the operating system may decide to sleep AVA ColourSys because it’s often not the application in the foreground. This can result in a short delay when selecting colours.


The good news is that you can simply tell OS X Mavericks to ‘Prevent App Nap’ for AVA ColourSys. To do this, select AVA ColourSys in the finder and go to ‘Get Info’. Then switch on the ‘Prevent App Nap’.

If you are installing OS X Mavericks or and need any assistance in setting this up then please do not hesitate in calling us.

Our upcoming AVA 4.9 release contains changes which allow both App Napping and the fast selection of colours. This kind of development is a good example of the advantages of having an AVA development plan, since these often overlooked continual improvements are built in.

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