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Introducing the newest members of our international team of CAD specialists…

Over the years, AVA’s team has been built up from a diverse team of experts in their fields; linguists, designers and technical experts. AVA is used all over the world and this mix of skills allows us to share knowledge between disciplines and improve customer experience all round.

Max Manza
Our newest member of staff is Max Manza, Max joined the team in June 2013 and will be working closely with the Customer Services and Sales teams. Max originally comes from Latvia and speaks fluent Russian, English and  Latvian, he relocated to the UK in 1998 and graduated from Oxford Brookes University with bachelor’s in Business Management and Law degree. Max is married to Irena who is also Latvian and they have a son called Robert who will be 3 in September, so out of work both Max and Irena are kept busy!
Max is keen on ice hockey which is a very big sport in Latvia –  their national team being ranked 10th in the world. Max’s youngest brother Alex lives in London and plays in the British University ice hockey league for London Dragons- all sounds very cool to me! 
Max, like all the AVA CAD CAM staff, loves travelling and was lucky enough to have the opportunity to live in California for a year and also to visit Japan but his dream is to see Australia.

Eileen Bailey
Eileen is the newest German speaker to join the team. Eileen has relocated to Macclesfield from a beautiful little town in Germany called Niederstetten  of similar size to Macclesfield. Eileen has settled very quickly into living in Macclesfield and is already enjoying the local markets and the beautiful countryside. Eileen especially likes the fact that Manchester is very close by for those more cultural events and for lively weekends. Eileen is very sporty. She particularly likes playing badminton, volleyball and snowboarding, but her true love is running. Brave Eileen chose to run with some of the AVA team in a race called Hell Runner in early November and  survived to tell the story- well done Eileen!
Eileen also loves to travel and discovering new places and is keen to expand her languages and improve her French. So when you meet her face to face it’s worth testing how far she has got.

Kevin Wei
Kevin is originally from Shanghai in China, but he has been living and working in the UK for nearly 10 years. He comes to AVA CAD CAM from a Customer Services and Sales background in various different industries. Kevin loves life and his enthusiastic, easy-going and thoughtful nature comes across when you meet him. With characteristics/personality like this its no surprise that Kevin has a real passion for good customer service and enjoys helping and problem solving. Kevin is extremely focused and will go that extra mile to find out the solution, not only is Kevin enthusiastic he is fun loving and a very thoughtful person. Kevin is very thorough and likes to question everything in order to get to the bottom of any issues. Through Kevin’s career he has learnt to make quick and accurate response to business opportunities and deliver results under pressure. To relax Kevin likes to drill holes and work with power tools and fiddle with his transformers. Like Eileen, he also enjoys sport and  travel. Kevin loves life and sees everyday as a new experience.

Rui Filipe Monteiro
Filipe brings a Mediterranean flavour to the AVA CAD CAM team. Filipe is a Portuguese citizen, who is currently learning Spanish and who already speaks English fluently. He relocated to the UK back in August 2012 and is slowly getting used to the colder temperatures; spending the past winter in UK with more snow than he has ever seen, he had to invest in some winter attire – although the weather this summer in Cheshire has (so far) been a lot more Mediterranean. Filipe began his career as a Graphic Designer and worked in graphics for 8 years before he moved into the textile industry, where he has worked for the past 12 years as a Separation Artist using the AVA software. Filipe has a laid back, calm but professional manner. He may come across as very quiet… but he loves heavy metal and psy trance music- yes it’s the quiet ones you need to watch! 
Filipe likes spending his evenings helping his daughter with her homework. If he is not being educational he likes nothing more than chilling out playing games on the computer or going to the cinema to keep up to date with the latest movies.

Ian Beirne
Ian joins AVA as a Senior Technical Advisor. 
Cheeky chappy, Macclesfield born and bread, you may remember Ian from working at AVA the first time round. Ian originally joined AVA back in 2000. He worked for us for 8 years then went back to continue his career in colour separation. Ian then realised he missed AVA so much that he returned and has been working with us since Jan 2012. Since returning to AVA CAD CAM Ian’s feet haven’t touched the ground. Ian brings a wealth of additional decorative separation and industry knowledge to the existing team, so be sure to pick Ian’s brain for tips and tricks on those complex separations when he visits or when you talk to him on support.
 Ian is a keen football supporter, he enjoys reading and spending precious time with his daughters – that’s when he is not out travelling the world providing our customers with technical solutions or training.
To relax, Ian loves spending time in the kitchen. A talented chef he enjoys stirring up new concoctions, blending all sorts of flavours and spices together and, trust me, the end results are amazing!

Natalie White
Natalie White moved to Macclesfield from South Wales having graduated with BA Hons In Contemporary Textiles and Surface Pattern Design. Many of our customers may have already had the pleasure of speaking or working with Natalie Ebbage. Yes, we now have two Natalies working at AVA just to confuse you all, we like to duplicate names (we also have a pair of Simons, a brace of Nicks, two Sarah’s and two Carolines), but the two Natalies are very different personalities and bring very different skills to AVA, so not to be mixed up! 
Natalie White has a very helpful nature and likes to catch up on all the latest design trends. She enjoys being creative and making her own handcrafted products. Her hobbies include sewing and all things shabby chic. Other Interests include music, visiting the sea and discovering the country side, oh and of course the rugby- well, she is Welsh after all!

Simon Vincent
Simon joined AVA’s Sales and marketing team a while ago so we thought it was about time we formally introduced you to him – especially as many of you will have already had dealings with Simon or indeed met him at one of our trade shows. Simon has relocated to Macclesfield from nearby Stockport and has a degree in Media Production from Staffordshire University. He loves tinkering around with html and anything linked to social media and breaking technologies. Simon has a keen interest in Rugby, reading, socialising and all the things young men are interested in. He is a wealth of knowledge and I would definitely want him on my pub quiz team! Simon is an extremely patient, relaxed and helpful member of the team who always has a smile on his face to brighten up your day.

If you know of anyone who may fit into our team of specialists and who has language skills, particularly French, Turkish,  Russian, German and Spanish, please ask them to contact Debbie J Buchan, Customer Services Director at buchan@avacadcam.com and we would love to meet them. Please see the recruitment section of our website for further details.

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