Out now – 4.8!

We are proud to announce that AVA 4.8 will be landing on your station very soon and we are excited to show it to you all. Using the latest optimisation technologies, 4.8 introduces a host of new features and innovations designed specifically to boost performance and efficiency. Here is just a taster of what’s to come:

Streamlined Interface

Consolidated Preferences with ‘Live’ updates:
All AVA application preferences now reside into a single, tab driven floating window, making it simpler and quicker than ever before to adjust and navigate preferences. Any changes made are also ‘live’ meaning instantaneous screen updates.

Configurable Tool Box (Design and Edit):
Omit unused tools, flip orientation, customise button aesthetics and number shown across – the new 4.8 Tool Box  can be customised to your personal workspace.

Brushes and Brush Editing Integrated:
All brushes and brush editing options have been integrated into a single more convenient Brushes window, freeing up space and facilitating quicker brush modification.

Redesigned Icons (Retina Optimised):
Many of AVA’s tool icons have been redesigned creating a fresh new look to our user interface. Many icons have been  optimised to look even sharper on Apple’s Retina displays.

Software Performance

Enhanced 1 bit Layer Support:
1 bit layer support is now multi-threaded to give significant speed boosts for power users such as engravers.

Appropriate Mode Windows Hide or Show:
Whether in the Design Window or Quick Colourways, AVA will now only show the windows you need to see, further saving on valuable display real estate.

Share Preferences:
AVA Preferences can now be shared between stations promoting continuity and quicker, more accurate setup of studios and workgroups.

Powerful Presentation Enhancements in Quick Colourways

Fix Objects to Auto Resize and/or Reposition:
Choose to have relevant objects automatically resize and/or reposition when changing page size, reducing the need for multiple templates and layouts.

Inspector ‘Live’ Page Size Adjustment:
Tweak your page size instantly via the Inspector, further reducing the need for multiple page setups or templates. This feature works well with the new object auto resize/reposition options, especially when readjusting layouts for different substrate widths.

Enhanced Support for Embedded Objects:
Extra Quick Colourways preferences now ensure that AVA searches other relevant paths for the original files of embedded objects. This further benefits our users when sharing Quick Colourways files between different stations

Instinctive ‘New’ Features

Gamma Pipette:
Want to adjust a specific tonal area?  Simply point directly on the design and drag to adjust. Gamma Pipette is really that simple!

Weave Painting:
Grab your pencil tool, draw directly on your design and see the peg plan update automatically. Weave painting introduces a simple, more artistic approach to dobby weave design.

Out now - 4.8!Out now - 4.8!Out now - 4.8!Out now - 4.8!Out now - 4.8!Out now - 4.8!Out now - 4.8!
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