AVA Quality Questionnaire 2012 – Results

Firstly I would like to thank all those of you who took the time and trouble to respond to our quality questionnaire. I am acutely aware that these things can be both tedious and time consuming and only have any value at all if they influence the behaviour of the company asking the questions. For this reason, although the overwhelming majority of feedback was positive, we have made a point of following up individually every single negative (or neutral) response received in order to explore in more detail how we can address the concern(s) raised. If you raised a criticism of any aspect of AVA products or services in your response to the questionnaire and have not already received a phone call to discuss your concerns, please feel free to contact me directly; langford@avacadcam.com.

The iPad was won by Ditte Sorenson of F & H Design (formerly Södahl) in Denmark. Congratulations Ditte!

The following are the main findings of the questionnaire:

• Approximately 77% of respondents were users of AVA software, the remainder being managers and supervisors
• 98% of respondents rated the quality of AVA’s software development over the past 12 months ‘Good’ or better with 89% opting for Very Good or Excellent.
o The 2% of negative responses highlighted specific areas on which users would like to see more development and these will be addressed in our future development plans
• 90% of respondents called AVA Technical Support at least once during the last year. 50% called more than twice. 99% of respondents rated the quality of AVA’s technical support as ‘Good’ or better with 79% of respondents rating support ‘Excellent’
o Where permission is granted, many of the more detailed comments on aspects of AVA Technical Support will be reproduced on our new website (due to go live early in 2013). Users frequently referred to the ‘excellent knowledge’ and ‘very friendly and personal approach’ of the AVA team..
• 97% of respondents were happy with the current availability of AVA support from 6am until midnight UK time.
o We will be working with those customers who requested earlier/later support to improve our ‘out of hours’ support.
• Somewhat surprisingly, only 32% of respondents thought that they would refer regularly to a digital manual – the majority preferring to call technical support (or remote connect) in case of difficulty or uncertainty.
o Many users pointed out that many sections of the old (paper printed) manual were out of date. The new digital manual is now available in English and will be kept up to date. We will monitor usage closely and would encourage users to try it and let us have their feedback.
• Only 85% of respondents were happy with the current level of language cover on Technical Support.
o This is an area in which AVA will continue to strive to improve service over the coming years. We now have customers all over the world and would like to have staff available to speak to all of them in a language in which they feel comfortable.
• 76% of respondents had visited our website avacadcam.com/ during the past 12 months
o The detailed feedback which respondents gave us on which areas of the site they currently use and what else they would like to see there has helped us to design the new site which we plan to launch very early next year. Without spoiling too many surprises, expect to see increased availability of high quality training and ‘tips and tricks’ videos amongst other innovations..
• 95% of respondents felt that AVA contacted them ‘often enough’ with 3% wanting more frequent contact and 2% less.
o Individual requirements have been noted and will be acted upon.
• 99% of respondents rated the performance of the AVA Sales team as ‘Good’ or better with 61% considering it ‘Excellent’.
o Individual criticisms have been noted and acted upon.
98% of respondents would recommend AVA to other people in the industry.
o We will be working extra hard on the remaining 2% this year! Respondents gave us a wide variety of, often very creative, ideas as to how we could further improve our service and all of these will be considered as an integral part of the 5 year business strategy and planning review which we are currently undertaking.

Thank you again to all who took the time to participate.

Best wishes,

Nick Langford

Chief Executive

AVA Quality Questionnaire 2012 - Results
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