AVA 4.7

We are delighted to announce our latest release, AVA 4.7! It is feature packed and full of creative tools to further inspire your creativity.
To accompany the major themes for 4.7 listed below, we also have some short introductory movies available via the following links:

Quick Colourways Default Template
Object Edges in Quick Colourways
Full Screen Mode
Magnetic Lasso
Brushes Rotate whilst Painting
Ink Well Feature for Brushes
Live Resize of any Brush
Live Drag Through Layers
Step and Repeat Browser
Set Draw Colour on Click in Swatches Palette

AVA 4.7 builds upon a stable and powerful foundation to bring further significant enhancements based upon your requests:

Enhanced Full Screen experience in Design and Quick colourway windows -   gives a more powerful expanded working space which now maintains all the functionality of your toolbox, menus and floating windows.

Major Brush Enhancements - multiple features that are designed to work together, providing more creativity at your finger tips. You can now set colours with a single click and brushes rotate as you paint with them. There is a new ‘inkwell’ feature which is designed to mimic paint running out in order to make your drawings look more realistic and you can now ‘live resize’ custom brushes as well.

Quick Colourways - AVA 4.7 sees even more enhancements and additions to layout and navigation in Quick Colourways giving users even more flexibility when creating print presentations. An optional, default layout template can now be automatically applied to all new Quick Colourways. Plus every Design or Quick Colourways window has a full screen symbol in the top right.

Quick Colourways also sees improvements to the selection accuracy of objects and shapes in Quick Colourways when editing or re-colouring.

Outline edges can now be added to shapes via the new ‘Edges’ feature found in the shapes section of the Inspector, providing more creativity when designing layouts.
It is now also possible in 4.7 Quick Colourways to use the ‘fit to view’ keyboard command (⌘0), allowing quicker fitting and centralising of the full layout view to the current window size as well as the possibility to zoom out to 3% page scale.

New Step and Repeat Browser –   build complex repeats quicker than ever before, featuring spacing and mirror modes allowing users to rapidly create intricate and mathematically correct repeats without having to do any calculations!

Support for Retina Displays - experience extreme clarity on the latest Retina display hardware when using AVA, paving the way for the future.

Materialize scenes -  new streamlined accessibility - Following on from New Brush and New Patterns technology we have collated all the released AVA Materialize scenes so that you can now download directly over the internet from AVA’s server by simply selecting the ‘Install‘ menu item.

Magnetic Lasso – selecting objects has never been easier with the new magnetic lasso.

AVA Help menu - Save time by gaining direct access to AVA Remote Technical Support and latest releases notes.

AVA 4.7 is intended to make you more productive and perhaps offer new opportunities by enabling you to tackle items or jobs which you were previously unable to. We wish you every success in using it and thank you for choosing AVA. We welcome any comment or questions via AVA Technical Support which is available on your usual toll free number.

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