Alison Gee

Alison Gee has worked as a textile designer for thirty years, for many of the most prestigious brands in the UK and America. She was Head Designer at Morris & Co and Sanderson for more than twenty years and has freelanced for Liberties, Cole and Son, Zoffany, Schumacher, GP & J Baker, and for Interior Designers Salveson Graham, creating many best-selling and iconic designs in the market place. During lockdown, she created her own brand, a collection of fifty timeless classic designs.  She has a passion for design and colour and loves creating new designs with traditional hand-painted techniques and in many different styles, and experimenting with colour using the great potential and possibilities of AVA software.

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Abigail Lewis

I am a multidisciplinary and open-minded artist that specialises in textiles, surface print, and collaboration. I have over 4 years of experience in the textile industry professionally and freelance working on interior collections and lead artist on community projects. I can bring fresh ideas to visual concepts and have a creative approach when designing original and digital artwork.

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Victoria Oatway - Bobbie Print

With almost 20 years experience, I am a versatile and creative textile designer. For the past 6 years I have worked as a freelance designer contributing original designs to an internationally renowned textile portfolio. Focusing on print and weave but with an adaptable style, I am a detail-orientated designer with an excellent eye for colour. My work is characterised by an ability to combine hand painted techniques effectively with AVA, Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator software. I am skilled not only in the creation of original designs and concepts but also in separations and colouring.  My background as an in-house designer for Ashley Wilde Group and Natasha Marshall Ltd provided me with the opportunity to hone my technical knowledge and gain production experience with textile mills and manufacturers.  Alongside my freelance work I design and produce my own brand of printed paper products

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Charlotte Standen

Charlotte is a Kent-based print designer and first-class textile design graduate from Norwich University of the Arts. Rooted in the art of storytelling, her designs weave narratives into captivating motifs, utilizing a blend of physical and digital image making techniques. Confident at designing in repeat, she is proficient at using both Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator and has recently completed her AVA CAD Specialist Training Level 1. Charlotte’s dedication to a playful yet sophisticated design philosophy breathes excitement into all her creations.

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Hwawon Cho

Hwawon Cho, a skilled textile designer with a specialisation in print, is deeply rooted in the art of storytelling. Her work is a reflection of the world we inhabit, drawing inspiration from her surroundings and employing a fusion of physical and digital image-making techniques. Throughout her journey in textile design, she has honed her expertise in designing repeating patterns, hand drawing, and also other specialised areas, especially weaving and embroidery to go beyond the boundary of techniques. Proficient in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign, she has also successfully completed her AVA CAD Specialist Training Level 1.

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Becky Brentnall

Becky is an award winning surface pattern & textile design graduate and artist. She is a versatile designer with an eye for detail who has a passion for mark making and screen printing in an expressive and experimental way. Becky is able to combine her unique design handwriting with her digital skills to create unique and innovative designs. She is proficient at using both Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator and has recently completed her AVA CAD Specialist Training Level 1.

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Francesca Martin

Hi, my name is Francesca and I live in Macclesfield I am a passionate, creative designer, with over 13 years experience working in the Home Textiles Industry. My core strengths as a designer are my illustrative painting capabilities, dynamic use of colour, together with an in-depth knowledge of AVA software. I’m ready for a new exciting challenge.

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Manesha Kaur

My name is Manesha Kaur, a passionate textile designer, specialising in surface pattern design using various techniques. Driven by a strong connection with nature, I aim to illustrate the natural world and infuse escapism into my work. Employing traditional methods like gouache painting and screen printing, I create a vibrant palette, exploring rich colours and textures. Eager to grow, learn, and innovate, I anticipate the exciting trajectory of my creative journey.

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Chandni Haynes

A highly visionary and creative Home Textile Designer, looking for new and exciting freelance opportunities designing for children and adult homeware. I have a broad collection of experience for UK brands and retailers including John Lewis and the Sanderson Group. A strong passion for creating beautiful and commercially successful home textile designs for product with a versatile handwriting. This unique background enables me to design outstanding products to delight the customer.

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Lauren Peploe

As a freelance technical designer and separation artist for decorative print, I offer an abundance of creative and technical knowledge to bring your creative ideas to life. Bridging the gap between artist and manufacturer, I can work with you to turn your ideas and artwork into industry-standard print files for wallpaper and fabric. Whether you’re a solo artist embarking on a new decorative print journey, an international business looking for outsourced technical help, or anything in between, I am here to help you. Let’s work together to create something unique.

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