Frommberger Design Consultancy

Sigrid Frommberger founded her own design studio in 2014 after 20 years experience in home textiles and wallcoverings.  Her studio develops collections for international manufacturers and converters of home textiles, wallcoverings, Plissé, Rollerblinds, carpets, paints and timber products.

The studio offers the following services:

• Continuous trend research and presentations
• Development of design-colour strategy, development of co-ordinating products.
• Assistance with the design repro process, colouring, and production acceptance by the manufacturer
• Product photography, creation of prototypes and marketing material as well as tradeshow layout.

The design studio uses the AVA software for Repeating and Colouring.

“Colouring in AVA is straightforward and reliable and makes the work in the studio much easier.”

“Designers always need an accurate visual representation of the design in different colourways in order to judge how it looks, and often it’s the slightest colour changes that can affect this. AVA is tailored to this kind of detail and supports the designers excellently during the process. Combined with a good monitor and printer, an astoundingly good simulation of the collection can be achieved, before having to invest in costly cylinders and screens, giving customers a very clear picture of their future collections. As increasingly more manufacturers are working with AVA, you can share AVA files quickly and without losing any information, which aids clearer communication and saves time.”

“Working with AVA has enabled me to gain access to some customers, because many manufacturers consider the software to be the industry standard for professional work. The astounding simulation of the finished product is a huge plus for my customers and really useful in the decision making process”.

Sigrid Frommberger
owner of FROMMBERGER_design consultancy

Frommberger Design Consultancy
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