Ailsa Lishman

After graduating with a degree in textiles I struggled to find a design job. Every single studio wanted years of experience, but I also found that a lot were asking for experience using AVA.

AVA was something I had never heard of at university, and after a year of job searching I decided I wasn’t going to get anywhere if I didn’t have AVA experience. I completed the 4-week course, which was highly intensive, but with such a friendly and helpful team there, I gained a good working knowledge of the program.

By the end of the course I had designed a whole new collection of work using AVA and had doubled the size of my portfolio.

Help was also offered at the end of the course to go through my existing portfolio and look at what the strengths and weaknesses were and what to work on to progress.

I did not get a job straight away, but every job I applied for I was now getting interviewed for. It wasn’t till about 8 months later I got offered my current job designing wallpaper!

Doing the AVA course 100% is the reason I got the job, I wouldn’t have developed the breadth of work I did, wouldn’t have developed the confidence I did, and probably wouldn’t have even got an interview.
It was an investment, but it paid off, and I would recommend the course to anyone that wants to find a job in the design industry.

Ailsa Lishman

Ailsa LishmanAilsa Lishman
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