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Despite being a relatively young team, AVA’s employees average more than ten years of service with the company. Here are just some of the reasons which people give for enjoying their jobs with AVA:

  • The company takes its core values (Vision , Integrity, Community, Expertise and Life Long Learning) seriously and works hard to ensure that we have a calm and friendly working environment
  • Working in an area of fast changing technology means that we are constantly offered new challenges and variety in our work
  • I enjoy the opportunity to travel to different parts of the world
  • Macclesfield is a great place to live and work – perfectly situated between the thriving metropolitan hubs of Manchester and Liverpool and the natural beauty of the Peak District National Park
  • The company trusts and encourages individuals to show initiative, share ideas and take responsibility for our own individual contribution to collective results.
  • I enjoy the fact that we are sometimes able to benefit from flexible hours and/or the opportunity to work from home.
  • AVA’s commitment to Life Long Learning means that I am constantly acquiring new skills
  • I like working with a friendly, multinational group of people
  • AVA has an unusually fluid structure which allows individuals to take on additional responsibility (and earn more money) without having to wait to be ‘promoted’ into a job vacancy left by someone else.
  • I enjoy the complementary membership of gym, swimming pool, tennis and golf club.
  • The company is good at making all of us feel that we know what is going on with the business and there is a bonus scheme which benefits everyone when the business does well.

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