Turnbull Prints

Turnbull Prints were amongst the first companies to establish high-speed digital printing in the UK, and are a leading independent commission producer of furnishing fabrics. The company has a unique production profile, with a specialist unit in Thailand producing the craft-based and labour intensive products, and the latest digital printing and AVA CAD/CAM technology at their European factory near Manchester. At Turnbull, complex hand-blocks and ‘wet-on dry’ flat-screen prints using vat-dyes and innovative ‘warp prints’ mix with the latest digital technology.

Paul Turnbull, MD of Turnbull Prints, says; ‘Digital production complements more specialist areas, and our machinery portfolio and interpretational skills enable us to provide a refined level of product, at a variety of price points.’ As Paul explains, Turnbull see the main impact of digital as being upon ‘continuous’ printing such as flatbed or rotary, rather than replacing more specialist production areas, and are excited by the design and production possibilities. But it’s not all about technology, as Paul explains “Our customers come back to us because of the personal experience, and the skill of the product development teams is derived from a ‘corporate DNA’ that comes from over 100 years of experience in creating beautiful products. Our aim is not simply to print, but to understand and collaborate in the creative process. It is an exciting time for fabric printing, for designers as well as manufacturers, and we are thrilled to be at the forefront of this process.’

Paul Turnbull
Managing Director

Turnbull Prints
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