Tana bana

TANA BANA  means warp and weft in the Indian language Hindi.  These are the threads that make up fabric, and its two principles, Susan Ritchie & Shreenie Vasan, chose this name to communicate their love of textiles.  Both have a background in wovens, designing interior textiles for many years before founding Tana Bana seven years ago, to create original digital artwork for interior, lifestyle, fashion and stationary markets.

Please visit www.tana-bana.com to learn more about TANA BANA.

Our team in New Jersey uses AVA every working day to produce beautiful designs that make us proud and our clients happy. AVA helps us convert complex hand painted designs into production ready files. The product mapping module and easy printing customization help us present our designs in the best possible way, making it easier for our customers to visualize our designs on their products.  Stability and consistency in the color separation process help us achieve the most accurate production ready files. AVA is constantly updating with new features, truly showing that they care for their customers on a long term basis.  Last but, not least, AVA’s support is second to none.  Questions are answered instantly, seemingly 24 hours a day, and training is available over the phone and at the trade shows.

We are very glad that we are part of AVA customer group, and wish we can have more licenses.

Shreenie J Vasan / Susan J Ritchie – Co-Founder – Tana Bana design.

Tana bana
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