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Shanghai Joyally is committed to the surface decorative industry specialised in digital technology research&development, application&support for the industry’s coloring design, product development and providing the latest and most advanced digital printing solutions.

“AVA is currently the world’s only viable customized spot color simulation and printing CAD software.”

“It can truly display overprinting of spot colour in order to help develop new designs and digitally output them. Furthermore, AVA can offer accurate matching between a Monitor ,Digital print and analogue gravure print using advanced colour management module. The whole workflow is tailor made to assure consistency of implementing production colour data and colour management in digital printing so that accurate matching can be achieved between digital proof and production press sample.”

“AVA greatly improves the efficiency of designing and development and substantially reduces costs, helping users to achieve almost zero cost and risk. It also allows customer to instantly produce sample digitally, which matches its gravure press print.”

Ms Tina Shuai
Managing Director

Shanghai Joyally Digital Sci-Tech Co.,Ltd
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