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Portfolio Home (formerly known as Bedmaker) was founded in 1975 and recently became part of the Evans Textiles group. With customers such as Dunelm and The Range, Bedmaker specialise in supplying products to retailers, designing for products such as bed linen, throws, towels, and even nursery products. However Evans Textiles work predominantly within the trade markets, completing contract work for hotels, restaurants and other commercial businesses. Now the two have merged, we’re told that there are some exciting projects ahead!

We visited their impressive facility which is based in Manchester, UK to spend time with two of the designers, Beth (head designer) and Baljinder (assistant textile designer) who have both been using AVA for nearly 3 years now.

So what are the key reasons that you use AVA software here?

We have to create about 10 designs a day so this means we have to work at a fast pace. The speed at which we can work thank to AVA’s real time repeating functionality has saved our working lives!

They commented that they love the colour management capabilities with AVA and in particular, the ability to accurately colour match to customer swatches using a spectrophotometer, as well as having access to the Pantone colour swatch library within AVA.

“We get a lot of customers sending us swatches and they’ll ask us to match the colours of a specific swatch and make designs based upon that. So when you get hundreds of swatches come through we can use the spectrophotometer with AVA’s software to read the colours accurately. I’ve never had anyone say anything bad about a colour match, it’s always been perfect and everyone’s always been happy! A lot of our current work is bespoke, but going forward we’ll be launching new ranges in October, where we will have, for example, 7 different designs with 6 different colour ways so using AVA’s colouring methods to easily create colourways is going to be great.!”

Beth also explained to us about the contract work they complete at Evans Textiles and how AVA has had an impact on their workflow: “A lot of our contract customers want as much use out of the fabric as possible, with minimum wastage. Ultimately price is the biggest factor because you’ve got so many people competing for one contract so for us being able to use AVA’s repeating functions to make sure that customers can have full use of the fabric is really, really handy!”

As you have both been working on AVA for nearly 3 years now, do you find AVA software updates useful?

“Yes, we’re also greatful that the AVA team sometimes ring us to remind us that there has been an update and to check we’re ok. It’s always great to see the team at trade shows as well, like Heimtex, because you guys can demonstrate the latest version to us. We also find your release documents and video materials are really helpful to show us what’s new and how to get our hands on it!”

Would you recommend AVA to anyone?

“Yes, especially to people in the design industry like us. The Adobe suite is great for some things, but AVA is fantastic to use, especially for the real time repeating and AVA’s colour options and management. AVA is great because it’s made specifically for textile designers, it’s made specifically for us! Everything is really easy to use once you get the hang of it, so you can work away with no problems. I’d definitely recommend it. We’re happy with everything!”

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